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Survivors of self harm suffer personal, social, and professional struggles every day due to visible scars from the past. It is our mission at the New Chapters Tattoo Project to replace these scars with beautiful works of art, cultivating confidence and acceptance. Our work has changed our client's lives - and though we can't help

​every single person, we encourage you to apply if you feel our project could be of help to you!

We are not qualified or equipped to help people in crisis. If you are contemplating suicide or self harm please contact the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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A collection of testimonials

from our fantastic participants:

I don't think I can ever thank you enough for today. For the first time in almost 10 years, I'm not embarrassed of my arm or how it looks, I'm so so proud of it! I know it'll also help me learn to be more proud of myself, past and present.


For the longest time, even if my last relapse was months or years behind me, every time I looked down it felt like an open door. Like I could go back to that low point at any time and return to the person I'd become so disdainful of. And now it feels like the door is finally closed, locked up nice and tight. My griffin will help remind me that just because that's the person I was, it doesn't mean that's the person I am; that I'm stronger than I used to be and falling that far back isn't an option for me anymore. I still struggle to separate the two sometimes, the mirror has the same face as the girl who spent years tearing herself apart from the inside out, but you've given me the chance to be different from her and to separate from her. 


I look down and smile now, and the tears I shed for my arm are for a very different reason this time. 


Thank you a thousand times over (and then some!),


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In my adult years I used to self harm. It was my way of releasing my emotions, to feel in control of them. It was a way to free myself even for just a few seconds.

I am self harm free for over two years now and I have finally come to terms with my past. I found myself second guessing my decision to go get this done, but I'm so glad I did.

Andy Robinson at Crown and Feather tattoo company has helped me move past my insecurities due to my scars and to be able to see the beauty in them and not have the fear of being judged for them. I cried after seeing the finished project. Not because I was sad, but because I was filled with relief. I could finally move on with everything and not have my past weighing me down.

This piece of work is beyond my expectations of beautiful. The New Chapters Project that Crown and Feather offer is a perfect way to help people who have self harm scars heal and come to terms with their past.


Thank you will never be enough. I will forever be grateful for Andy and his wonderful work.

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It’s a pretty typical story, I was bullied in school and never had a good relationship with my mom until very recently so I kinda dealt with it on my own.


I’ve had my fair share of stress and misfortunes but I’m proud of what I’ve become and my mom is too. She and my stepdad have helped me more that I could’ve ever imagined and I’m so grateful, I figured the best thing to cover up the past would be the bright future, so I got her

 wedding bouquet.

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New Chapters Tattoo Project (formerly Project Tsukurou) has appeared in Vogue, on Fox New, Trust the Grind podcast, among others. You'll find links to relevant news articles below.


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New Chapters Project

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Work by appointment only. Prospective clients must fill out the provided form and be accepted. Though we wish we could help everyone, not every applicant can be accommodated. Because of the volume of applicants, you may not receive a response if you are not accepted.

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